Our Island Saint Lucia

City of Castries Showing HarbourBeautiful Saint Lucia, lies in the Eastern Caribbean Sea. It lies between 60 degrees & 61 degrees West Longitude and between 13 degrees & 14 degrees North Lattitude. It is the 2nd largest, of the Winward group.

St. Lucia has a turbulent history and for centuries was fought over because of her strategic position. She gained the name "Helen of the West", a name which it cherishes, due to many calls to arms. The island changed hands 14 times as England & France vied for possession, - 7 times British, 7 times French. St. Lucia even saw a guillotine erected and used during the French Revolution.

Picture of the Pitons

Today very few reminders remain of St. Lucia's troubled past and the island is peaceful and beautiful - stunning, unspoilt palm tree-lined beaches, clear waters teeming with rainbow coloured fish, breathtaking scenery with its natural pyramids, drive-in volcano and tropical rain forests and not forgetting fabulous food.

The overwhelming majority of the population are of African descent, their ancestors were brought to the island as slaves. Less than a tenth are mixed European and Black African Blood, and a small percentage are Asian and Europeans. The French influence remains strong in both in many of the Saint Lucia's names and the island's predominant religion.

In March of 2007, St Lucia played host to the world-famous Cricket World Cup event.

Come have fun in St. Lucia!! The Island in the sun!!!